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Welcome to Banun International Import & Export and Commission Agency Website.

We  will be happy to have you as our customer in our journey to propose you with  low cost, world class quality products and solutions taking in account the sustanaibility and our vision of better customer initimacy initiatives.

You will find us in Frankfurt, Doha, Dubai,Juba and Kampala!

We are present in Frankfurt, Germany where the company Headquarter is located, in Dubai(UAE), Doha, Kampala(Uganda) and Juba (South Sudan)


For any question or query that requires clarification, we can be contacted using our addresses below.

Banun International Import-Export is more than happy to provide answers to your questions or concerns


  • Banun International Import-Export & Commission Agency, Germany

          Bernadostrasse 38, 60439 Frankfurt am Main, Germany

          Tel.: +49 152 11550262

          Kifle Adkeme (General Managing Director)

          email: kifle.adkeme@banun.de


          Sekou Diakite  (Technical Consultant)

          Tel.: +49 170 53 03 257

          email: sdiakite@banun.de


          Henok Mebrahtu ( Marketing General Manager)

          Tel.: 015211953380

          email henok.mebrahtu@banun.de


          Yonas Ghebreheul (Associate Director)

          Tel.: +49 152 11201307

          email : yonas.ghebreul@banun.de



  • Banun International Import-Export & Commission Agency, UAE

         Al Nahda 1 Slootha Building 1, Flat #109

         Dubai, UAE

         Gebre Hayelom Kefle

         Tel.: +97150578170

         email: info@banun.de



  • Banun International Import-Export & Commission Agency, Doha

         Adem Said

         Tel.: +97455596638

         email: info@banun.de



  • Banun Group Ltd, Uganda

         Senai Abraha

         P.O Box 401 Kampala, Uganda

         Tel.: +256789791114

         email : info@banun.de